Quit India movement started by Gandhiji in 1942. The teachers and students had contributed in this freedom fight, so the school remained close for onecomplete year. In the establishment of the school 19 teachers were working with 494 students. Now there are 109 teaching staff members including non teaching staff. There are 2367 students study in this school initially the school was administered by D.N. High School, Anand.

In the past, Late Prime Minister Morarjibhai Desai, Late Chief Minister Babubhai Jashbhai Patel, the first speaker of Gujarat State Late Mr. Ganeshbhai Vasudevbhai Mavlanker (Dada Saheb) were the Members and the Presidents of Ode Kelavani Mandal,Ode. These famous personalities had imposed the importance, development of the students  with their valuable services. Today even the institute inculcates virtues in students for their better future .

The educational, social and the overall progress of the students, To perform the administrative and beneficial function of schools managed by the Kelavani Mandal. The arrangement of co-curricular & educational activities and educational tours are the aims of this institution. Today, this institution is blossomed completely and keeping up with current facilities. This institution is going towards the higher place.

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