- :  Executive Committee  :-

No   Member’s Name   Designation   Address
Patel Nileshbhai Hirubhai
  President   Bhavandas Street, Ode
2   Patel Kaushikbhai Hirubhai   Vice-President   Nr.Sutharvali Kui,Ode
Patel Jagdishbhai Muljibhai
  Secretary   Vadvala Faliya,Ode
4   Patel Himenbhai Chandrakantbhai   Vice-Secretary   Virjikaka’s Street,Ode
Patel Bharatbhai Ramanbhai
  Treasurer   Bhat Vado,Ode
Patel Dilipbhai Pranjivandash
  Trustee   Nizampura,Vadodara
Patel Dahyabhai Maganbhai
  Trustee   Nr.Sutharvali Kui,Ode
Patel Jagdishbhai Dahyabhai
  Trustee   Bavaji’s Street,Ode
9   Patel Kamleshbhai Ghanshyambhai   Board Member   Shili Road, Ode
10   Patel Chandubhai Dahyabhai   Board Member   Mahagujarat Sports,Vadodara
11   Patel Shaileshbhai Manubhai   Board Member   Vadvala Faliya,Ode
12   Patel  Kaushikbhai Shantilal   Board Member   Bhavandas Street,Ode
13   Patel Rajeshbhai Chandubhai   Board Member   Virjikaka’s Street,Ode
14   Patel Urveshbhai Rashikbhai   Board Member   Station Road, Uttarsanda
15   Patel Chetankumar Sadhuram   Board Member   Bhavandas Street,Ode
16   Patel Mihirkumar Ashokbhai   Board Member   Sardar Chowk,Ode
Patel Dipenkumar Girishbhai
  Board Member   Kaka’s Street,Ode
18   Patel Vinubhai Dahyabhai   Education
Committee Member
  Rajod Talavadi,Anand
19   Patel Umakantbhai Navinbhai   Education
Committee Member
  Nr. Laxmi Cinema, Anand

The Renowned Former Presitents of

Ode Kelavani Mandal,Ode

(1) Late Shree Ganeshbhai Vasudevbhai Mavlanker-
  Ex. Speaker of the First Legislative Assembly of Gujarat
(2) Late Shree Babubhai Jashbhai Patel
  Ex. Chief Minister of Gujarat State.
(3) Shree Maganbhai Bhikhabhai Patel
  The Industrialist of the “Dinesh Mill” and the “Member
  The Industrialist of the “Dinesh Mill” and the “Member
  Late Prime Minister Smt. Indiraben Gandhi.
(4) Shree Ramanbhai Dahyabhai Patel 
  Ex. Vice Chancellor of Sardar Patel University,Vallabh
  Vidhyanagar (Gujarat)
(5) Shree Navinbhai Bhikhabhai Patel
  He was awarded the “Hind Ratna” in 25th congress
  committee in New Delhi by the Central Minister Mr.
  Subodhkant Sahay and the “Bharat Gaurav” award
  n Hyderabad conference by Ex. Prime Minister Mr.
  I.K.Gujaral.He was one of the members of the Hind
  Alliance Executive Committee that was invited by
  Ex. Prime Minister A.B.Vajpayee.
(6) Lt. Mr.Morarjibhai Desai (Former Prime Minister of
  India) was former “Working Executive Member”
  of Ode Kelavani Mandal.
(7) The opening of Statue of Sardar Patel in the school
  campus was held by former Chief Minister  “Mr.
  Hitendrabhai Desai” at 11th Nov.1968.

The distinguished personalities of the current

working committee

(1) Shree Chandubhai Dahyabhai Patel , President of Ode
  Kelavani Mandal has been working as a Trustee in
  Kelavani Trust, Vadodara and has been working as a
  Secretary of Samasta Patidar Kelavani Mandal,
  Vadodara.There are 11 schools and 2 hostels are
  running which is organized by these Two trusts.
(2) Shree Chandrakantbhai Shivabhai Patel (Education
  Committee Member). He was presented  the “Center for
  Cultural Resources & Training”Award by the Ex.Vice
  President Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma He is an Influential
  pathfinder of our institute.
  n the school. He is the former Principal of R.P.T.P. High
  School, Vallabh Vidhyanagar.
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